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Since the foundation of the world, mankind and animals were created in pairs. Adam and Eve, male and female, two by two… togetherness. However, throughout the test of time, or life as we call it, the togetherness that was once strong begins to weaken.
Overdue bills, extremely hectic schedules, soccer practices and back to school nights, social gatherings, household daily maintenance… and at the end of all of that, intimacy and connection with your partner. It can be daunting and overwhelming; and research shows has caused many divorces. The togetherness becomes no more. Now you are fighting against time just to complete the daily routine tasks. Life then becomes mundane.
The Power of Two is essential for anyone who desires a successful marriage and a strong family. Whether you are newlyweds, or 40 years in the wed game, this book is a practical guide to help you navigate the tricks of the enemy, avoid road bumps of doubt and despair, and learn how to function cohesively as one unit.
Its Possible (30 Days To Breakthrough )
30-day focus group designed to unlock the potential that's already inside you. This challenge is for the person that knows they are called to something higher but have not put the pieces together, or maybe you are actively working, and you need help moving to the next level, this is for you.

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