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October 2021

With the holidays right around the corner, why not pick up a copy of my book or enrol in my coaching group? Both make perfect gifts too!

December 2021

When it comes to your health, being willing to give social support to your spouse, friends and family may be just as important as receiving assistance, a new study suggests.

While researchers have long thought that receiving social support from …

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Are you ready for WAR

The problem in marriages, especially for men is that we don’t read the signs well or at all. Both husband and wife are guilty of this. Then one day we find our relationship in a deep pit not knowing how it got there. Because we do this, during the …

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5 Reviews

The power of 2 was a fun read for me. I learned so much from the author. Reading this book made me realize that being in business and marriage can work ...Read more

Dec 19, 2022
P. Malone


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